Front-end outsourcing
Markup and iterface

Simple Wealth

Swiss digitalized asset management services


Most companies do usual marketing and promotion FOR EVERYONE ELSE THERE IS B&R GROUP

Flooring Domain

Floor Coverings Directories and Service Finder

Example Trust

Верстка корпоративного сайта

Афиша фестиваля комедии Панчлайн

Разработка одностраничного приложения на Vue.js, верстка, программирование интерфейсов, интеграция с бэкендом

Tech stack

Cross-browser, adaptive, layout for various devices.
Animating blocks and elements
Development using frameworks Vue, Nuxt
Modern back-end firebase, strapi
Implementing logic on the front-end
image/svg+xml NuxtJS NuxtJS
$ 20 / hour
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$ 30 / hour
Vue, Nuxt.js, SSR, API integration, GSAP
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What we do


Cross-browser, adaptive, layout for various devices.
Animating blocks and elements

Single-Page Apps

SPAs render pages directly in browsers, prevent server overload, and feel much faster and more responsive to users.

Progressive Web Apps

PWAs provide features that give them the same user experience advantages as native apps. They are fast, integrated, reliable, and engaging.

API Integration

API integration is necessary for building a strong network of data across different services, including third-party apps.

Our advantages


We’ve focused on the narrow niche of front-end development, which has allowed us to achieve the highest level of expertise through over 500 projects.

Well-Designed Processes

We work completely remotely and have built remote processes, which we are extremely proud of. We work with Agile methodologies and have taken the best from various approaches. Therefore, it is simple for us to adapt our team size and ways of working to your needs.

Long-Term Relationship

We can complete short-term tasks over just a few months, or we can stay on a project for years, developing and supporting it with a permanent team.